13 tips to Restore your Relationship

How can you improve or restore a relationship?
Every relationship knows its ups and downs, that’s normal. But unfortunately, one “down” takes longer than the other.
• Are you and your friend (or man) in that boat?
• Do not you see any way out of the arguments?
• Are you in a hurry or are you living alongside each other?
• Is there any romance in the distant distant world?
Then you’ve tried everything to improve your relationship (or sex life).
Perhaps you have already endless conversations … and you even doubt to leave with him.
Please wait
A relationship is not just lost
You can restore many more relationship problems than you might think.
The reason why you ever fell apart is probably still present …
It should only be dusted and polished.
How do you do that, please read the relationship tips below.
Tip 1: Accept that your partner is not perfect – and this will never be
As relationships last longer and clouds the pink cloud, more and more things are getting over the table that you did not know at first.
It suddenly does not seem to keep traveling. Or to smoke secretly while you have such a horrible hate …
The idea of ​​a perfect partner is a utopian way of thinking, fueled by movies and music.
Fortunately, you do not have to agree together. The reality is harder than a movie scenario … The reality is not perfect.
But not you either. Although you will undoubtedly think this is not the case.
The simple solution for this?
Let it go. Accept that he’s right now.
You do not suddenly smell a cigarette and you will not in a magic way not be in a travel adventure, but that does not mean that those differences are insurmountable.
What you can do? Decide that you do not differ in this.
Stop peeing, bale and zaniken.
Accept that the situation is so and leave it for what it is. In this way you invest in a future together.
Tip 2: Make your relationship better by listening
There are books written about the communication between men and women.
And then especially how we differ in this. All fun and nice, but in the basics communication really is not to be so complicated.
Do you know why?
Men and women all want the same
To be happy.
Relationships form an important basis for happiness and nobody likes quarreling. (Okay, almost nobody).
To be happy together is a clear communication between you very important.
Fortunately, that is very simple. It only requires one skill:
But what is listening exactly?
Listening is not:
• Look at someone and think about what you want to say.
• Kinking and meanwhile thinking: blablablabla.
• Do not be open to the opinion of the other.
• Complete what the other means to you.
Listen is:
• Interested in the feel and message of the other.
• With your body language show that you listen – occasionally kink for example.
• Let the other chat out.
• Show understanding and empathy.
So listen, without distraction, but with complete attention and sincere interest in the other.
Tip 3: Pay attention to each other
Does your guy find the blood irritant if you are going to sit with your best friend during studio sport (this is the case with each man)? Keep that in mind.
Be a little cautious for each other.
Often this is not a problem at the beginning of the relationship, but the issue will be addressed later.
And that certainly applies not only to men.
Women may know earlier that they appreciate a bunch of flowers at their time, but men appreciate such a sweet gesture as well. So if you want a better relationship, then not only help the greatest gestures, but also the little things.
Tip 4: In a good relationship, you have a life apart
Ok please. This is a very important one.
People always say they understand this until they fall in love.
If you’re in love with love you can suddenly collapse in a relationship. Your love will be your life and your other life will disappear.
But when you spend more time with each other, you realize at a certain moment that your partner can not fulfill all your needs. Perhaps you expected that, but that’s the problem.
Many relationship issues have to do with unrealistic expectations
You probably also have that …
Why did you ever fall on your husband?
• Because he was such a nice guy?
• Or because he would work as well as sister or best friend?
Probably the first (hopefully the first!).
In a good relationship you do not have to do anything together.


Tip 5: Trust each other
Confidence is the basis of every relationship.
Is that violated? Then it will take a lot of time to get over here. Yet you will have to
If you want to go along together.
Read this article if you want to know how to restore a relationship after a fraud violation.
Life becomes too stressful if you always have to doubt his word
Is he really at work? Is he really with friends? That’s not doing. Not really. You can make your relationship better by assuming that he speaks the truth.
That’s how you do that:
• Make good conversations together. How can you help each other to regain trust?
• Contain the solutions. For example, have you promised you are always accessible? Take note of that!
Tip 6: Make your relationship better by naming how you feel
“There’s nothing wrong.”
But secretly there is of course something …
Cut it off! Men are not clairvoyant and also have a terrible hint of subtle hints.
• Just say what’s going on – how difficult it is.
• Do not walk on your toes – that only frustrates you.
• Do not turn around – you may be better off
When you say what’s happening, problems are fixed a lot faster. Or at least negotiable.
Tip 7: Prevent the mosquito from becoming an elephant
Do not put too much on the lip. Do you bale from the toilet goggles that are always up or the well-known cap that is not on the toothpaste?
Too bad!
Is it really a disaster to turn that cap on itself, if you disturb yourself? It costs less energy than a quarrel.
3 simple relationship tips that give your relationship more air
• Add small things too small.
• Pick your battles.
• Make a mosquito no elephant.
This does not mean that you should never indicate that you’d like to see something else. Important, however, is that your little things are also small.
Do not irritate irritations, but indicate when they occur. Then it does not have to be a point of discussion either.
Tip 8: Make time free to work on your relationship
Work, children, hobbies, a social life … time is over. And then you can forget about time to make time for your partner.
That’s when you come home …
Do you want to keep that up?
Then it’s important to make enough time for each other. Many relationship problems arise because partners just release too little time and live alongside each other.
Tip 9: Make sure that the time together is also really well spent
Did you make time for each other?
Then make sure you’re really paying attention to it.
The other one will feel guaranteed if you’re just thinking about your work or watching a slanted eye tv.
So make “quality time” of.
A couple of such hours can already give your relationship a great boost. So:
• Do something that you like together.
• Recall memories.
• Or create new memories by doing something new.
• Make sure that you are really alone (bring children to the babysitter).
In other words, try to get back the tension and butterflies of your first passionate weeks.
Tip 10: A better sex life can make your relationship better
Is your sex life no longer what it has been? Talk about it.
What are your needs? What do you miss, what do you think is important? A good relationship is once a good sex life.
Bad or less frequent sex is the cause of many relationship problems. Good sex can make your relationship better and is more fun than long conversations.
Intimacy is indispensable for most couples in a good relationship. Still, it’s crazy enough to get into it soon.
Want to improve your sex life (and thus relationship)? Then follow these simple tips:
• Pay attention to each other – put a candle and open a good bottle of wine.
• Do extensive predictions AND remarks.
• Try out new things in bed – that creates a tire.
• Indicate what you need – even if it is difficult.
Touching one another is important in a relationship. And then not just in bed. A touch can help someone, but also reinforces your emotional relationship. Holding hands, giving each other a hug or kiss is already enough.
Do not you dare talk to him about your sex life? Then you’re not the only one.
After years together, the threshold for trying something new can be bigger.
Massaging each other is a good way to make sure you are both relaxed or even excited. Talking about your fantasies is just a small step.
Tip 11: You can improve your relationship by breaking the loop
Are you in a mess?
Are all days the same, all holidays predict and is sex a routine?
Then it’s time for something new. But what?
Breaking the roar of a relationship does not really have to be complicated:
• Go for a day to an amusement park and take the highest roller coaster.
• Run behind each other in a paintball hall.
• Have a meal in a ridiculously expensive restaurant.
• Go for a weekend to one of the Waddenean Islands.
• Dance outside in the rain.
Go crazy! But especially: do something else.
Why does this work well with your brain?
Memories that you share together make happier. If you always go to the same neighborhood bar, something happens in your brain:
They add the memories together.
Do you do something else? Then you create a new reminder.
The more memories you have together, the happier you experience the relationship.
You can do anything from deep sea fishing to surfing lessons, on hiking vacation or just eating at a very different restaurant where you’ve never been.
Another plus: It ensures some funny moments.
Tip 12: Improve your relationship by laughing together
Why always so serious? Yes you have trouble, yes, it’s not good.
But keep calm and smile together.
Put your argument or discussion on hold and break the stress:
• Download a funny series that you like to watch together.
• Invite the funny friends.
• A bottle of wine sometimes also makes wonders.
Let go of your mind and improve your relationship a-minute.
Relationship problems occur in every relationship. That’s no reason to have heavy conversations all the time or to be in a grave match.
Tip 13: It may surprise you, but relationship therapy can really solve relationship problems
Do not you just want to improve your relationship but are there serious (re) problems? Then learn how to restore a relationship to a break or quarrel.
Does not that work?
Then you may need some professional help to overcome this “down”.
Do you still love each other?
Then relational therapy may be an option.
The benefits of relationship therapy
Now I do not really believe in the functioning of relationship therapy on its own, but there are a number of benefits:
• If your partner is willing to go there, you will know whether he wants to do anything for you.
• Because you invest both time and money in the relationship, you are also inclined to do the best for you outside of the therapy.
• You have a “stick behind the door” to really do your best. You have to account for a stranger once a week.
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