Variation in your Sex Life

A sex life filled with imagination is a better one.

Did you know how important sexfantasies are in having a happy relationship? Being able to communicate your desires to your partner, keep things new, and add imagination to sex will do wonders for you — both in the bedroom and in life.

There are tons of fantasies to try with your significant other. Share your desires, experiment, and discover out what works best for you both as a couple.

Check theses 20 ideas;

  1. Boss/employee: 56 percent of women and 61 percent of men have sexual fantasies about getting it on with coworkers in their office. So why not dress up in your work attire, get behind the desk, and re-create the hot new hookup scenario that’s been on your mind? The allure of having sex with a coworker, especially your boss, has to do with gaining power.
  2. Ravishment: According to a study from UCLA, 64 percent of women fantasize about this passionate and forceful kind of love. Why? Researchers felt that by imagining the man telling her what to do, the woman is able to give herself “permission to do the raunchy, hot sex stuff she feels a little embarrassed about, but deep down really does want to try.”

  1. Exhibitionism: Brett Kahr found in his study of sexual fantasy, “Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head?”, that 19 percent of people fantasize about being watched during sex, and another 5 percent fantasize about taking it off in public. In for the risk? Put on a show. Get it on near the windows in your home or hotel room.
  2. Voyeurism: Does watching the show from the sidelines turn you on? Whether you’re spying on the neighbors or the couple getting it on at the beach, this fantasy is a common one. One easy way to make it happen? Go to nude beach or a sex show with your partner.
    According to Men’s Health, 64 percent of women want to step outside the bedroom and get frisky in public. It makes sense — the rush, risk of getting caught — and it all adds to your experience. Talk about where you both feel comfortable doing the deed, whether it’s an elevator or bathroom.
  3. Mutual masturbation: Put a twist on your voyeuristic fantasy by watching your partner masturbate, or letting them watch you. It will help them understand more of what you desire, and of course, it’s an instant turn on.
  4. Make a sex video: A Stanford University study found that women reach peak arousal after just two minutes into an erotic flick. According to Men’s Health, it’s not just celebrities who want to make sex tapes — 40 percent of women want to make a homemade flick with their partners. So get on it while it’s hot. After you watch it make sure to hide it safely or quickly delete it.
  5. Threesome: The LELO study revealed that this year, 20 percent of women will have had a threesome. Some say they love the rush and added stimuli, where as others worry about jealousy and feeling overwhelmed. See what women had to say about their experiences and talk it over with your partner to see if it’s right for you.
  6. Using sex toys: According to the LELO survey, 76 percent of women want to use their toys with their partner. And ladies, don’t be embarrassed to ask about unleashing the toys. The survey found that 89 percent of men would be happy to use them. And it’s not just for your benefit? Sixty-eight percent of couples both climax during intercourse with sex toys.
  7. Visit the strip club: Thought the nudie bar was dudes-only? Think again. According to Men’s Health, 47 percent of women want to visit a strip club with their guy. It’s exciting, sexy and you’ll be there together. Not sure if it’s your thing? Find one with a twist, like the Vegan strip club in Portland. Lap dance for two, please.
  8. Domination: Power is a rush, there’s no doubt about it. Many women dream about having a man obey their every wish, so why not unleash your inner dominatrix and try it out in the bedroom? You can do this by simply calling all the shots or make commands with whips, handcuffs, etc. Either way, you’ll be in total control and he’ll be completely devoted. Win, win.
  9. Submission: Many women also fantasize about being submissive and losing control to their partner. In 2009 University of Kansas study, it was discovered that “forceful submission fantasies” aren’t about humiliation but are instead “a passionate exchange with a powerful, resource-holding and attentive suitor.”
  10. Teacher/student: There’s a reason “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was such a popular music video, and we’re going to guess it wasn’t because of Britney Spears’ vocal chords. The schoolgirl fantasy can involve dominance and spanking, but it doesn’t have to. For some, it’s sexy outfit to rip off.
  11. Put on a strip show: Guys will surely love this one. But for the ladies, it’s just as enjoyable. You get to put on your sexiest lingerie, take it off and tease him in the process, private lap dance included. The woman will have control and the man will be turned on and begging for more.
  12. Use food: Ice, fruit, whipped cream, you name it. It can all enhance your sexual experience. Seduce your partner with foodplay and hit their erogenous zones in the process.
  13. Uniforms: Love a man in uniform? For some, it’s the clothes and for others it’s their courage. According to psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Jeanette Raymond, Ph.D., “The ‘uniform’ may signify that the man is able to manage life’s troubles.” Have your partner dress the part and play the role.
  14. Play doctor: Sick and the only way to fully recover is with an orgasm? Doctor to the rescue.
  15. Hotel maid: Maybe it’s the allure of being on vacation but hotel sex is exciting and liberating, which may be why the maid fantasy is a hot one. Can’t make it to the hotel? With a sexy maid costume and knock from “housekeeping,” you can re-ignite the spark in no time.
  16. Sensual massage: Remember when one woman got a happy ending massage? This year, sales of couples’ massagers increased by 82 percent. Get with it and make your partner melt with an arousing rub down. Need some pointers?
  17. Erotic spanking: Why do people love kinky butt-smacking? Aside from the physical pleasure, Pleasure Mechanics explains some “love erotic spanking for the taboo thrill of it.” Talk to your partner about whipping you into shape.
  18. Group sex: Certainly not everyone’s fantasy, but if you enjoy threesomes and are curious about bringing more partners into the bedroom, this might be one a thrilling and liberating ones to explore.

What fantasy helped heat up your love life?