Best Romantic Tips


Are you in a relationship? Has the daily fireworks been made for overtime, video games, the television and night’s rest? In this article you will find 8 romantic tips for home!

1. Turn off the TV and point to each other
How nice it may be to hang together for television, your relationship is not going to go deeper. Just turn off the TV and see how much rest it takes.

If you want more romance in your relationship, it’s important that you regularly focus your attention on each other. If you watch TV you are side by side, but your attention is focused on something else.

Are you more behind the PC? Then, of course, the same applies. Turn off all distractions and take the time for each other. You can not be romantic without paying close attention to your love.

2. Music to dream away
Okay, you have each other’s attention and all distractions are disabled. Now turn on a nice music. Choose something quiet, soft and subtle. Quiet romantic music makes for cozy and warmth!

3. Lights dimmed, candles on
No, under the halogen lighting you’re not sure in romantic Paris. Do something about the lighting to make it more cozy and romantic. Get stupid, light a few candles and dim the lights.

Do you have those beautiful Philips Living Colors lamps? Make your living room then orange, pink or red. These warm colors help flow the romantic energy!

4. Make sure it smells good everywhere
Get started with incense, essential oils or a nice perfume. Make sure you smell good and spread a nice smell through the room. Romance is about to surprise and stimulate the senses. Make sure there is something for every sense of sense.

Delicious scents can be powerful atmospheres. When it’s cozy, the room also feels warmer. Smells can relax or refresh. Find out what you both love and spread the magic!

5. Have fun doing something together
As you said, you get more romance in your relationship by giving full attention to each other. Do not live together but really do something together.

You can think of an old-fashioned board game, have fun hugging or just having a good conversation. You can plan the holidays together, talk about later, about your relationship or, for example, cook a pie together.

Do something fun that you can have attention to. No computers, televisions and DVDs but only you two!

Do not forget to open a nice (red) wine. Enjoying some sweets, such as wine and baguette, makes it extra cozy. And wine … well, that’s of course just romanticism in a bottle!

6. Flirt and give compliments
You might think that your partner’s compliments will not have much more effect after a few years, but nothing is less true.

How wonderful do you think if your partner says you look good? Getting a compliment is always nice. You are happy to grow your self-esteem and you are grateful to others.

In order to show that you appreciate the other, it is therefore good to give compliments. Just say you like him, or you think he’s always so sweet to you. Be honest and sincere.

Expressing gratitude and giving compliments will give your relationship a romantic sparkle!

7. Touch each other subtly
Yes, romance also means that you come closer together. If you want to slowly build up the romance, you can choose to touch your partner subtly.

Give a gentle kiss or take your hand through your hair. Touching each other regularly keeps you physically connected to each other.

8. Be romantic all day long
Romance is not something you should have one night a week. You can work it all day again, every day. Customize the tips above and see how you get more attention.

Surprise the other, make it cozy and love each other. A romantic atmosphere is created if you take a moment to take it. Give each other the peace, attention and love that you deserve and see how the romantic fireworks turn into shape!